How It Works

We believe that children learn by playing and doing.  We created Mathbottle to give elementary schoolers exposure to mathematical concepts that encourage hands-on learning and fun.

As parents, we know just how difficult it can be to provide high quality mathematics education to our children, that will keep them engaged.  We also want to make it easy and convenient for you so you can spend time practicing, exploring, and understanding together.

We’re grateful to play a part in helping you raise the next generation of mathematicians!


Spending 10-15 minutes on Mathbottle helps your kids with : - 

1.  Learn without missing a step. 

Your kids will advance to mathematical concepts incrementally. With focus on critical thinking and logical reasoning, Mathbottle curriculum ensures 100% mastery and pure love for math.  

2.  Forming healthy habits.  

The discipline of dedicating 10-15 minutes a day to Mathbottle helps kids develop time management and organizational skills.  The activities provided within the  Mathbottle kits allow kids to see math in ways that is not boring and makes them look forward to it.  They learn how to break down complex problems and think logically.  

3.  Mental Math Techniques

Your kids’ mental and oral math skills will become efficient, allowing them to get through questions quickly. No matter their starting point, they’ll be able to work their way through each level in the Math Program.

4.  Improved Focus

Mathbottle program also improves focus and attention span—two essential skills for getting the most for completing all the challenges with speed and accuracy.

5.  Build Confidence

When your kids start Mathbottle, you’ll see their confidence quickly build as gaps in learning are filled. Enthusiasm grows as they find themselves successfully completing level after level of the program and standing out as top-notch students in school.

6.  Family Activities

Mathbottle activities are built to keep kids interested in Math.  We don't have just puzzles we bring the whole STEAM activities to your mailbox.