Why to choose Mathbottle?

Mathbottle provides a carefully designed and engaging curriculum for your child to build interest and fall in love with math.  We make it convenient for parents to include math into their child’s life.  We offer variety to keep the student’s interested in doing math daily.  We focus on deep understanding of the concepts which allows the student to be creative and think out of the box.  

Mathbottle focuses on 

  1.  Academic learning
  2. Self-learning which allows students to gain confidence and independent thinkers. 
  3. Group/family learning which focuses on team building and collaborative thinking.    

Is Mathbottle a full curriculum?

Mathbottle is a full math enrichment program for students 3-8 years old.  We focus on logical thinking and problem solving by providing a grade specific math curriculum.  Mathbottle is loosely based on the Common Core Curriculum.  

Does Mathbottle follow Common Core Curriculum?

Mathbottle is loosely based on the Common Core Curriculum.  We cover all key topics for all grades Pre-k - 2 in great depth.  We allow more opportunities for logical reasoning and problem solving than any other programs.  

How is Mathbottle different from tutors?

We are an enrichment program for kids between 3-8 years old. Tutoring is as good as the person teaching them.  Tutors are also not concerned about the child falling in love with the subjects, but we are.  Tutors only focus on the problem on-hand, and not really developing the concepts. At Mathbottle, we try to identify and fix where your child is struggling and also build up on the ares they are doing well in.  We provide extra material to cover the difficult topic.  Tutoring is more passive learning.  Mathbottle is more self learning, group (family) engagement and activity based.

My child is already doing well in school. Why would I consider Mathbottle?

Schools are allotted about 10-15 minutes of math.  Teachers cannot focus on all kids.  Every child benefits from extra attention.  So our program allows a child to build a strong foundation of basic math concepts.  

How do you assess?

We include monthly assessment in our packet.  They are done at home just like all the other practice sheets, so the stress of quiz and test is eliminated.  Children confidently answer the questions and parent and then tally the solved answers with the answer sheet.  

We will be doing digital assessments by using image recognition software to provide instant feedback.  Our target audience is kids between 3-10 years old so doing paper assessments is the best approach. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling is easy.  Just email us at learn@mathbottle.com.  We will cancel it for you.  It would help us to understand why you would like to cancel, so would love if you let us know in the email the reason for cancellation.