Life without Math

Let's try imaging our lives without math.  Can you?  We take the value of math in our lives for granted. Think about it, we use math every single day as days, dates, months, time and so on. Math is the only subject that is applied in every field and profession. Just think without the application of math, no field or profession is complete. Let’s see why it’s hard to imagine a world without math.  

No Watch or Calendar

Can you imagine there being no watch or calendar?   How difficult/crazy would that be? It would be so complicated to figure out days and years.  The watch and the calendar use numbers, the most basic and important of math characters. How would you plan your birthdays or get to work on time? You will be missing out on all special days. It will be hard to know your age even. 

No Money or Measurement

So, if you go shopping, let’s consider there is no such thing called money and measurement. How would you buy, calculate, and pay for your stuff? So, what do you do? This is not just about money and measurement it’s all about math. When I say not knowing numbers, it means not being able to understand the concept of value and not being able to exactly tell if what is bigger or smaller. Knowing basic math can make life easier and give value to things. 

All Professions Impacted

When I say basic math is important for any profession.  To go a little further in trying to imagine a life without math.  Professions would be incomplete.   It will mean a doctor will not be able to read or measure vitals like blood pressure, weight or count your heartbeat. Without math an engineer can’t build roads, bridges or buildings. Or even a Zoologist will not be able to keep a record of animal species on the earth. Or a pilot will not  be able to fly an airplane because they need to follow direction and angles. Pick any profession (a chemist, a baker, a shop owner…) they all need fundamental math. Without math trade will still be done by bartering.  There will be no money and technological advancements.  In fact, even a traffic signal has a color changing pattern and limited time to cross. It’s hard to imagine new inventions without using basic application of mathematics. In today’s world we are so dependent on technology like electricity, phones, computers, television etc. all are possible because of advanced use of mathematical applications. Whatever we see, or do, there is mathematics involved. Probably, without math, life would have been quite complicated. 

Math only needs practice

Despite the importance of mathematics in our lives, there are so many people who give up easily in getting to know and understand it. Just like reading or writing one just needs to command basic mathematical concepts . Then the subject becomes easy. Math is not complicated like people believe it to be, it just requires a little practice every day. So rather than running away from math we should always try to include math in our daily life.

Mathbottle builds strong math foundation

At Mathbottle, we focus on the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, place values etc for elementary school kids because these are common applications a child will be applying to learn future mathematical concepts.  Once the foundation of the basics is strong children find it easy to to solve areas, volume, percentage, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and so on.  Every topic in math is based on basic concepts. So, if a child has good hold on basic concepts, they enjoy learning about new and more complicated mathematical concepts. 

At Mathbottle, we cannot imagine our lives without math.