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Do you teach your kids?

Mathbottle makes it easy for you to teach your kids. Enroll Now

Math Program for Kids Ages 3-8, delivered

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Step 1

Choose your subscription

We offer curriculum by age and grade. Starting at $59.95/month.

Step 2

Check your mailbox

Packages arrive filled with fun projects, activities and worksheets. Pause or cancel anytime.

Step 3

Personalize next package

We follow-up before we send the next package and personalize based on your child's pace.  

What's Inside a Mathbottle Kit

Enriching, teacher-designed worksheets

Thoughtfully created so that kids ton' miss a concept, or get bored

Fun activities, for your critical thinkers and problem solvers

We all agree, Math is easily understood and way more fun with hands-on activities. 

Easy guide and instructions, for parents

We make sure that you know exactly what to do.  

All supplies, so its ultra-convenient for the parents

To ensure you don't have to go looking for things.  Convenience is our mantra.  

Math Kits Delivered Every Month

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What Parents are saying:

My daughter is enjoying receiving package in her name.  She is enjoying the activities.  I love how she stays engaged for hours.  She is playing and learning.  With this COVID situation, I will love anything that keeps her busy.  

Priti, Mom

Ok, so my kids older one is starting second and younger one kinder, they are both enjoying this math program.  To them it feels like play.  To me it feels easy.  They do worksheets without complaining.  I do want to say to let people know that there are some activities that require you the parent to play with them, I love it.  But some parent's may not want that.  I thought people should know.  

Elena K.

We received our package right now and finished the whole month's activities in one sitting.  Mathbottle team, we  want 30 activities for a month. lol

Alex, Mommy

Hi Mathbottle, I want to give you a 5 star rating.  I am so happy.  

Sunita, P

My son is loving Mathbottle.  We are a enjoying the worksheets a lot.   We love the activities too.  My wife says, she loves them more since they are all paper and she doesn't have to store them like toys. 

Mahiesh, M.

My daughter is learning math so fast, its unbelievable.  Mathbottle Thank you!! 

Tiffany, S

Why Choose Mathbottle?

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Hands-On Learning

Visual learning and hands-on activities combined with fun worksheets and games.  


Build Conceptual Understanding

Emphasis on strong conceptual understanding rather than repetitive drills.  


Have Fun

Enabling the child fall in love with math while having fun with interesting themes.